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Phi Beta Kappa is the nation's oldest and most prestigious honorary society for students of the liberal arts and sciences. The initiation fee is $100.00. Once you pay that fee, you are an active member for life; there are no additional fees. Membership brings a number of benefits, including opportunities to apply for selective scholarships, and some partnership discounts.

Phi Beta Kappa publishes the award-winning journal The American Scholar, widely known for its excellent articles on literature, history, science, culture, and public affairs. The articles are written by renowned scholars for a liberally educated readership. Subscription is optional, and involves an additional fee.

Phi Beta Kappa pins are also optional. See the Phi Beta Kappa national website for more details.


Phi Beta Kappa
is the oldest undergraduate honors society in the United States. It has fostered and recognized academic excellence since 1776. It is only open to students in the liberal arts and sciences

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Syracuse University created a Phi Beta Kappa chapter in 1896, through what was then called the College of LIberal Arts (now the College of Arts and Sciences).